Totem signage a good communication element

Totem signage, a good communication element

The totem sign is one of the essential communication tools. It allows brands to convey all kinds of information. Discover the reasons why this element is beneficial for your communication.

Qu’do you’a totem sign ?

What is a totem sign?

The totem signage is a visual communication support which generally has a vertical shape. Printed on its different sides and with a human dimension, this element is particularly visible. That’s why it is particularly used as an advertising medium tool of PLV (advertising at the point of sale). Installed both indoors and outdoors, the totem sign can also be used to convey various information.

For example, it is possible to use it as directional signage.

With or without poles, this element exists in many different forms multiple shapes. The totem can be used for elliptical. It takes the form of a curved column possibly equipped with a display unit.

The totem of cubes is more original. Composed of a number of vertically stacked cubes, it offers a 360° visibility and attracts more attention thanks to its 3D effect.

In addition, the totem signage is available in all kinds of materials. The choice must be made according to the desired use and the planned location. For the outdoor signage, Opt for theanodized aluminum, galvanized steel, the plexiglass or the stretched tarpaulin. These materials are indeed recognized for their resistance to bad weather.

Regarding the interior signage, the possibilities are more numerous: aluminum, plexi, PVC, polyterephtalate of polyester, etc’ethylene, dibond, fabric, cardboard, etc.

These various factors give rise to many variations:

  • Totem signage flat or curved, fixed or mobile;
  • Single or double sided advertising totem;
  • Illuminated totems, etc.

The advantages of the totem sign for your communication

The advantages of a totem sign for your communication

You intend to use an advertising totem ? Know that this element presents several advantages advantages. Combined with those offered by the communication on tactical support, they guarantee an effective POS strategy.

Thanks to its large surface, the totem signage allows to display correctly a message or a visual. It is thus an excellent means for to inform the customers about the products or services that you offer. In other words, this tool will allow you to be visible. However, it must be installed in a place accessible to the general public (front of a point of sale, sidewalk, etc.).).

However, it should be noted that advertising totems are not set up just any way. Indeed, they must comply with the rules for the installation of outdoor advertising.

These advertising supports are also customizable according to your needs. You can, for example, ask for adhesive letters or stickers referring to your visual identity to be put on it. It is also possible to opt for the adhesive vinyl marking.

If you choose a fabric advertising support, your visuals will be highlighted thanks to the digital printing on both sides in high definition.

Today, totem signs are among the displays that companies use most to inform their customers and increase their reputation. It should be noted that they also have the advantage of not being expensive to set up. You too, think about adopting these profitable and durable communication supports !

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