I recording your own brand is not as complicated as you think

I’recording your own brand is not as complicated as you think

When starting D’A project D’company, L’One of the procedures to be observed is the’Recording D’A brand. As long as’Il n’is not recorded, he n’does not exist. Therefore, this measure should be taken as soon as possible.

How to save a brand D’business ?

They’ACT D’Management that n’is not complicated at all, because it can also be entrusted to a trusted agency such as Help T Smes. But for those who want to know them, here are the steps to follow for’Recording D’A brand.

Choosing the name to the’SPTO approval: these are the stages of the’Recording D’A brand.

To save a brand, you must choose a name or logo, or both, and check that’They are not already recorded so as not to have problems with D’other brands and that the process is delayed. Then, you must choose the number of classes of the nomenclature (classification of Nice) in which you want to record the brand.

Then you must complete the request D’Recording D’a national brand, which can be downloaded directly from the website’Spanish Patent and Brands (SPTO) Office. After that, official taxes are paid, through the corresponding model or the payment letter. Once completed, it is printed and paid at the bank.

Three copies of the request must be printed, accompanied by the payment letter already paid and freed by the’entity, and addressed to an office of the’Otps. You can also send the documentation by registered mail, by stamping the first page of the request to the post office and by collecting the date and the’deposit time.

SPTO examines the request and, s’Il n’there is no vice of form or opposite brand, the’interested is informed, d’First by email, then by registered letter, that the brand was recorded for a period of ten years, after which it must be renewed for the same period, etc.

This title gives all rights to the registered trademark. For the convenience of the’user, the SPTO sends, with notification, a link for online download of the title.

Two frequent errors that you should not afford during the’your brand recording
As’Recording D’A brand is often the task of new entrepreneurs, several errors are often made during the process and must be avoided. But at L’interior D’they are necessary’Take into account two, because they are quite frequent and important.

I’One of these two failures is D’Record a business with a name, then launch a brand with a different name. If you want to bind the’company to a brand, the two names must coincide from the first moment, in order to’Get the best possible positioning. It is also necessary to verify that the domain is available on the internet, a step which must necessarily be taken for the creation of’An online company.

Another error that’In no case should be committed, and which is nevertheless committed, is to choose an inappropriate name. This is D’as much more advised as the name change of the’company can be very harmful to the’company, because another company could take the’old name and customers could be in competition by mistake.

It is advisable to choose a name thinking of the’internationalization, because the brand must be built precisely for this purpose. He owes s’act d’A name easily recognizable in another language, without -ñ (Spanish letter), and which does not sound bad and cannot be of bad taste once translated into another language. And if something is fundamental, c’that is’they’ACT D’an easy to remember name, which does not mean that’Il n’is not original or creative.

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