7 Tips to follow for the creation of An impactful logo for your company

7 tips to follow for the creation of’an impactful logo for your company

The design of a logo may seem easy. However, the operation is delicate for beginners graphic designers and confirmed creatives. Indeed, creating your own logotype amounts to building the visual identity of your business.

So you need strong graphic elements to mark the difference with all your competitors. You must also work on a readable, attractive and timeless visual.

Stay simple in the choice of shape and colors

Stay simple in the choice of shape and colors

There simplicity stands out as the golden rule in the Creation of company logo. Avoid overbidding and unnecessary complexity on your visuals. Thus, the graphic representation of the company will be easy to understand and recognize by the general public. Likewise, the average consumer must be able to quickly memorize your professional logo.

During brainstorming, do not hesitate to explore the shapes and colors linked to your sector of activity. Also think of the various representative elements of your company, without exaggerating the combinations. THE Nike “Swoosh” is notably the benchmark in the matter through its minimalist graphic design.

Be consistent with the products you sell

The Nike logo is, once again, the perfect example concerning the importance of consistency in graphic design. Indeed, it is not just a simple comma. This dynamic form refers both to the movement and wings of the Greek goddess of victory, Niké.

Thus, this graphic creation managed to bond with the product, the values and even the name of the brand with. On your side, go on simple bases with a sketch evoking your products and services. Also find out about graphic codes of your sector To create an original and impactful logo.

Create your typography carefully

Create your typography carefully

There typography is an element to watch closely during the Creation of a company logo. It is all the more important, if you bind your name or slogan to your graphic identity. For the sake of consistency and clarity, avoid using more than two fonts both.

There personalization is also a decisive factor in the logos creation process. Ideally, a graphics and a unique typo will allow you to stand out more. Indeed, consumers will immediately think of your brand by seeing your font.

Concretely, inspire Coca-Cola or Fila.

Be aware of the competition

Why a good logo is important for a company ? This graphic creation is used above all to you differentiate of your competitors. You must therefore proscribe the banal visual compositions. Certainly, you need to mention your activity and respect certain codes in the logo.

But, you also have to stand out in the sector.

To succeed in this challenge, bet on a characteristic element of your business or your brand image. You can, for example, integrate the unique silhouette of your seat into the personalized logo. In any case, take the time to study what differentiates your company from all the others.

Anticipate the declination of your logo at the’international

From the phase of Creation of the company logo, You must anticipate your variation on All communication media (prints, flyers, banners, leaflets, posters, signage, etc.)). It must also be available in different markets. Indeed, a word or a form can have a negative meaning in other countries.

You must therefore consider this factor in branding (text logo, slogan, brand name, etc.)).

Also take into account the International color meaning. Green, for example, evokes infidelity to Chinese and jealousy to Americans. In France, the nuance conveys rather positive values.

This color is therefore likely to influence the success of a dating site in these countries.

Plan the test of your logo upstream to different audiences

Before its launch, you must Test your new visual identity on different audiences. These external opinions will make it possible to assess the power of the message and to observe any concerns (double-sensitive, known icons, etc.)). The consultation stage is essential for any creative team (graphic designer, designer, etc.) and other logo creator (freelance creative, web agency, etc.)).

This approach is also important for Analyze the reactions of your target customers. At this point, you can still make the necessary retouching, or even a complete overhaul, in the event of a negative return. Also remember to ask the community present on your website, blog or social networks.

Protect your creation of logo legally

Today, many people are able to quickly recognize what luxury brands belong these logos. Consumers can therefore identify any counterfeit or usurpation. Thus, these brands are protected by their strong visual identity and their international notoriety.

They nevertheless remain vigilant in relation to their copyright.

On your side, you must legally protect your creation To keep the exclusivity. You will be able to defend your intellectual property before justice. With this in mind, record the new company logo on the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI).

Check beforehand if it has not already been deposited by other designers or a startup.

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