4 of the biggest myths on the game on PC

4 of the biggest myths on the game on PC

THE PC game is misunderstood by many and can even be somewhat intimidating. Etc’is, unfortunately, which prevents many people from the’to try. The game on PC has so much to offer, however, and it would be a shame not to take advantage of it because of falsehoods propagated by the public.

If you are used to the game on console, you should know that the game on PC is much more accessible than many people do not’imagine and beat the game on console in many ways. Let’s throw a stroke’eye to some of the greatest myths and false ideas on PC games.

PC game is expensive

Yes, you will have to invest in an appropriate machine for Play games on PC, But you n’do not have to spend several thousand of’euros to have fun. Another thing you should forget is’idea you need’Go with a machine with a NVIDIA or AMD GPU. Intel has just released a new range of discreet GPUs at a reasonable price and which can compete with n’import which cards of these manufacturers.

If you are interested, you can find out more about Intel® Arc ™ graphics cards on Lenovo.com.

Playing with a keyboard and a mouse is boring

Many console players have’Printing that the keyboard/mouse configuration’is not natural, but c’is generally because’they don’t l’have never tried seriously.

Once you have started to get used to this configuration, you will start to realize how effective and fun it can be. A mouse is much more precise than’a joystick and a keyboard allows many different functions. So do not presume that you will not have fun with this configuration and try to play a few games with before rejecting it.

The game on PC is anti -social

Another thing that many console players have against PCs is the impression that’They do not bring people together like console games do. But it is quite possible to play on PC. Nothing prevents you from Gather with your friends for a LAN PARTY, for example, and the means of communications that we now have’HOI BE TAKE THE PRINT OF DISTANCE ALMOUS DISTURAL.

You must constantly make adjustments

I’PC game experience is more customizable than the’console gaming experience, so there will naturally be more parameters. But you n’will not have to do too much DIY if you want to enjoy most games. Many games will have a function that will automatically optimize the settings for you.

All you will have to do then is to define your orders.

You must constantly make adjustments


Now that you know a little more about what’is the game on PC, you should try some games today’Hui and see how you like it’experience. You could be surprised by the depth of the gameplay and the amount of pleasure you will have.

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