3 tips for finding a luxury brand name

3 tips for finding a luxury brand name

More than a corporate reason, the name of your brand is very important. This is the first thing that evokes your business and your concept. He exercises both influence and innovation, he sets the tone for your brand strategy.

That Does "naming" ?

What is naming?

THE naming is the term marketing that defines the process of creating and choosing a brand name or product. Finding a brand name is not an easy task and has a capital impact for your image. Indeed, your business will invest in to promote the brand and therefore its name. You must make sure to register on the duration, in order to determine a name for this type of luxury or overall product for the brand.

For it to work, the name of your brand must also be memorable. For that he must be in consistency with the company or the product it represents.

Naming has a particular scale as part of a name choice for a luxury brand. THE Consumer expectations are then higher. A luxury brand name owes more than for all other brands to report on its uniqueness and prestige.

He must tell a story.

Our 3 tips for finding a luxury brand name

Our 3 tips for finding a luxury brand name

For Find the name of your luxury brand we advise you to proceed in steps. The first step is to define what you mean from your brand through its name, you can then sleep all your ideas on paper. Continue work your list until determining a Selection of a few names. Finally, it is essential to test the names you have issued.

To do this you must check that they are not deposited at the INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property) to ensure that they are available. It is also necessary Carry out an URL study to ensure the viability of the domain name on the Web. Also remember to check the meaning of your name to foreigner To avoid unpleasant surprises.

Here are three tips to help you find your ideal luxury brand name.

1/ Your luxury brand name must correspond to your identity

Your brand name must make sense with the identity of your business. It is important to ask you what characterizes your brand, to define what is his personality. What are your products, ready-to-wear clothes, perfumes, jewelry ? What is your promise ? What are your values ? And your Added values ? Are you affiliated with France or Paris ? Who are your clients ? So many questions to take into consideration to think about your brand name. To understand your universe and your concept allows you to determine who you are addressing.

To determine this target, we advise you to design your persona or fictitious character representing your target with great care.

The identity of the brand also corresponds to Creator of the latter. In the luxury sector, brand founders are Exceptional ambassadors. Many luxury brands, as is the case of the Saint Laurent house, use the name of their creator as a brand name.

Moreover it allows you to personify the brand.

2/ Like a logo, it must be short, simple and impactful

Your name must absolutely be memorable. For this, it is important that it is not too long and especially that it is easily pronounceable by your consumers. It must be understandable and important.

A short brand name promotes Creation of a sober and elegant logo. Luxury codes are sobriety, refinement and eloquence. We mainly find refined graphic charters With as a logo, the name of the brand in a stripped, simple, design typography in a readable word.

3/ involve your community and create the buzz

Finally, do not hesitate to involve your community by making it participate in the search and choice of the name of your brand. First of all because it allows you to check that your name is consistent, understandable and impactor to the customer. But also because it allows it to feel invested in relation to the Marquée.

For this you can Organize an internet survey. You can also take inspiration from the idea of the brand name generator by offering your community to submit original brand name ideas from your brief.

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