Psychology of the company logo: what its color and shape say about you

Psychology of the logo d’company: what its color and shape say about you

The visual identity of a company is based primarily on its logo. It is important to choose this element carefully, especially since visual perception motivates purchasing decisions 93% of the time. To create a corporate logo, the color and shape must be defined to match the company’s image and offering.

What are the qualities of’a good logo ?

What are the qualities of a good logo?

The logotype is the main element of a graphic charter. Thanks to it, a company can create an identity for itself strong and consistent visual identity and :

  • Be quickly identifiable;
  • Strengthen the impact of your brand;
  • Stand out from the competition ;
  • Improve customer loyalty.

It is important to choose this visual element carefully. First of all, a successful logo is simple and readable. It should not be overloaded, because it will be difficult to remember.

In addition, it must be unique to consolidate your brand image and your notoriety.

A good logo is also flexible. It must be easily declinable on different communication supports (your website, signage solutions, etc.).), both in color and in black and white. Finally, the logo must be timeless, like the language of the Rolling Stones.

Which color for which message ?

84.7% of consumers believe that color is one of the main reasons for choosing one product over another. It is therefore essential to choose the right color for your brand.

Each color has its own meaning. The blue evokes calm, security, honesty and trust. This is the color of choice for Shell’s corporate logos insurance companies and banks.

The red symbolizes passion, energy, audacity, emotion, etc. Coca-Cola and Red Bull have chosen it as a corporate logo color.

The green is immediately associated with nature, ecology and organic. It also reflects solidarity. Many brands food or restoration as well as NGO have opted for this color (Starbucks, Greenpeace, etc.).).

The black refers to luxury and sophistication, but also to authority and formality. Lexus, Dior and Chanel is one of the companies that have used this color to establish their brand identity.

The yellow inspires optimism, cheerfulness and innovation among others. This is the corporate logo color of McDonald’s’s, Shell or even IKEA.

There are also logos made of several colors. Adopted for example by Google and eBay, the multicolored embodies the positive, multi-channel, multiple possibilities, etc.

What does the shape of my logo mean ?

In addition to the color of the company’s logo, the shape is another factor that makes it influences the perception. The squares and the triangles represents stability in terms of efficiency, strength, practicality and professionalism. Triangles also evoke the right, the power, religion and science.

The circular, oval or elliptical shapes, as for them, they suggest friendship, the community and the. For their part, curves are often associated with femininity while rings denote compromise, endurance and stability.

Finally, the vertical lines translates the masculinity and aggressiveness. For their part, the horizontal lines reflect the calm and tranquility.

How to define your logo ?

How to define your logo?

As you can see, a good logo is important for brands and companies. To create your own, start by determining the industry in which your company operates, as well as your values and target audience.

Also list the supports of use of the logo (letterhead, brochures, business cards, website, television, etc.).). Then select your logo type. You can choose between :

  • The monogram. It is a logo made of letters only. Generally, it is the initials of the brand (IBM, HBO, etc.).) ;
  • The wordmark. Like the monogram, this type of logo is based exclusively on the name of the company (Coca-Cola for example);
  • The symbol/pictogram. It’s essentially an image (Twitter bird, Apple apple, etc.).) ;
  • The abstract logo. Rather than representing a company with a recognizable image, it relies on an abstract form (Pepsi, Adidas, etc.).) ;
  • The logo-mascot. It includes a character illustration (KFC, Planters, etc.).) ;
  • The combination of different elements. is a logo that combines a monogram or wordmark with a pictogram, an abstract shape or a mascot;
  • L’emblem. This type of logo usually has a traditional appearance (Starbucks, Harvard, Harley-Davidson, etc.).).

The choice of colors and typography (fonts, upper case, lower case, etc.).) is the last step of the logo creation. Note that it is best to have a graphic designer design the logo.

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