How to promote your business with Le Geek Moderne POP

How to promote your business with POP ?

A point-of-sale display (POS) is actually a support in which products are displayed near, next to or on a zone of the store’purchase. Point-of-sale displays are most effective when’They are used to display or promote everyday consumer products. The purpose of’The purpose of these displays is to encourage consumers to make an impulse purchase’attract the’The purpose of the insurance is to help consumers pay attention to the products and encourage them to make an impulse purchase.

In this guide, we’ll look at how to showcase a business and generate maximum sales through POP.

Point of sale displays can take many forms

  • Counter displays
  • The displays to be placed
  • Wall-mounted displays, in the form of’shelves

Some POS materials are made from a variety of materials’an inexpensive and practical material: the corrugated cardboard. These supports make the promotion of all types of products, from cosmetics to food to household items. It should also be noted that’there is another type of POS display.

This is made of Plexiglas and offers multiple benefits.

Products to be installed on POP displays

The products of everyday consumption can be emphasized, with the help of a display’help of’a countertop or countertop display’another type of support. For example :

  • Soft drinks
  • Chocolate bars and candies
  • Chewing gum
  • Magazines and comics
  • Lighters and tobacco
  • Fancy products
  • Souvenirs
  • Items sold in bulk

Purpose of point of sale displays

The products presented on a point of sale display are generally items that are not part of the company’s intentions’purchases. Point-of-sale displays offer a more effective way to visual display products and help consumers understand that’they may need this particular product. The POS supports capture the attention of the public’attention of the consumer and create impulse purchases.

Let’s take the’example’a motorist which is’stop at a gas station to fill up. He enters the store to pay for his fuel and is then exposed to a POP display showing, for example chewing gum. This can trigger a questioning: do I want to nibble on something sweet and tasty?’pleasant ? Impulsively, he adds the pack of chewing gum to his basket.

The POS display has thus Stimulated compulsive buying.

How to generate impulse buys with point-of-purchase displays ?

There are several ways to’With new technologies, it would seem complicated to improve your POP displays To generate impulse purchases:

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