Buying a phone on Offer avoid or go for it

Buying a phone on iOffer: to avoid or to launch ?

iOffer is an online store well known for its quality products at attractive prices. It offers a wide range of products that would make more than one telephone store blush. The store is rather recommended for clothes, however it is quite possible to find an affordable phone. Is it necessary to buy from them? ?

What is iOffer

First of all, iOffer is an e-commerce site created by a company located in San Francisco, California. It was founded in 2002, based on a catalog of over a hundred million items, which mobilize and attract thousands of buyers and sellers every day. The site is equipped with a relevant search engine, able to bring up effective results.

If you are looking for a specific phone model, you should be able to find it easily.

On paper, it looks great, but does it make iOffer different from the competition ? There is a wide selection of discounted items, but they are not the only ones to bet on this board. No, what distinguishes the site is that it gives its members the possibility to haggle directly with the sellers on its platform. No intermediary applications or email exchanges: everything takes place within the site.

For anyone who has mastered the negotiation process, it’s a dream.

The approach is elementary: if a product has caught our attention, we just have to contact the merchant directly and send him a purchase price proposal for the item. This is when you can prove your negotiation skills, as the seller can accept the offer, but also refuse it, if he doesn’t opt to suggest a compromise price. It may take some time, but it is a good process.

Reliability of the online store

What sometimes leads potential buyers to doubt the products sold on the iOffer site is paradoxically what makes its strength: such a quantity of items at such low prices inevitably leads to question the reliability of the sellers. We hear enough about e-commerce scams to try to avoid them – especially if you are looking for a phone.

Among the shortcomings of the iOffer system, the first one that comes to mind for its users is the waiting time for delivery. It varies from twenty days to a month, depending on the items you order. So you don’t have to be in a hurry, and that’s a drawback that will make some people hesitate to buy.

If it is to answer an urgent need, it will probably be better to go and order online elsewhere.

Another black spot, and not the least, the risk of buying counterfeit products without knowing it. With relatively low prices, even if the quality is there, you can be fooled if you are looking for a world famous brand AND a cheap one. The choice is yours, but you should be aware of this possibility.

Last detail, classic, but that it is advisable to recall, the setting in relation with false sellers. On this type of e-commerce site, they are relatively numerous to practice their tricks and scams, in particular the imposition of a transaction by bank card in order to obtain the identifier. At the time of purchase, we recommend the same caution as on any other online sales platform.

Buy on iOffer ?

Despite what you have just read above, do not remove iOffer from your list of favorite e-commerce sites. This store allows you to find real deals, where the quality is relatively correct and the prices always interesting. Imagine a store where there is a sale and where you are entitled to negotiate afterwards; there is enough to make the credit card flare up !

Instead of your credit card, use a secure online payment solution such as PayPal. You will thus avoid entering your bank details, and, as a bonus, you will benefit from a refund in case of proven scam. It’s a nuance, yet it’s far from being a peccadillo when you consume on the iOffer website.

In case you want to buy any kind of item online, at an exceptional price, and you don’t mind waiting to receive your package, then iOffer is the perfect compromise. With such a wide range of products, you have enough to satisfy all your desires.

However, keep in mind the vigilance necessary on this type of e-commerce site with regard to the seller, depending on the telephony items you plan to buy online. Be sure to systematically check the comments of previous customers, and to know the rating of the seller. This information should inform you about the reliability of the seller before validating your purchase or not.

If it does not accept PayPal, we invite you to turn away from it, to bet on the security in case of return of the item.

Finally, don’t neglect to look for indications of multiple possible delivery times in the comments of other buyers.

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