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15 jobs to make money on the Internet in 2021

From paid surveys to cashback, the Internet has created an ecosystem of its own. Some lucrative activities have simply adapted to this channel, such as poker, lotto, sponsorship and even scams. The Web has nevertheless favored the appearance of new professions such as site builder, CM, blogger, etc.

All you have to do is choose your source of income.

1/ Web developer

This is one of the most interesting jobs to earn money’money on the Internet. Indeed, your inexhaustible pool of customers with the number of companies and dropshipping enthusiasts wishing to create a site. However, this activity requires strong skills in programming and in web development.

2/ SEO consultant

Like the developer, the SEO consultant will still be able to earn money with the continuous expansion of the Web. His mission is to optimize websites in order to outperform their competitors in search results. Unavoidable, this professional evolves in a particularly remunerative environment.

3/ Graphic designer

The role of graphic designer is to create logos, of interfaces, banners, etc. In short, he designs thes visual identity to help it stand out on the Internet. This professional can also intervene during the creation or redesign of a site.

4/ Community manager

The job of community manager (CM) is born from the Web revolution, from the importance of social networks in the relationship between companies and consumers in this case. The CM animates the accounts of a company on one or more platforms. This approach to federate concretely the faithful customers and toencourage the conversion of potential customers.

5/ Professional blogger

5/ Professional blogger

Basically, a blog is used to share personal ideas and practical advice on a daily basis. It is nevertheless possible to monetize this activity with affiliation, sponsored links, etc. The blogger must however remain faithful to his editorial line to be profitable.

6/ Traffic Manager

It is not enough to create your website on Zyro to make money online. It is also necessary managing his visibility and attractiveness. The traffic manager helps to monitor these factors to better attract Internet users and boost sales.

7/ Prognosticator

The prognosticator uses the sports betting as an income-generating activity. The idea is to bet on matches, competitions or other events to make money. It is possible to pocket a lot of money with this technique.

However, the risks of losses are also not negligible.

8/ E-merchant

Online business is a proven idea for earn money online’money on the Internet. However, it is necessary to monitor the income to be declared to the taxes of the objects sold on the Net. Indeed, the tax authorities ignore only the occasional transactions between individuals on eBay, the Bon Coin ..

9/ Copywriter

9/ Copywriter

The copywriter writing copy sales arguments for different actors evolving on the Internet. He can collaborate with companies, bloggers, etc. In practice, his mission is to find a solution to encourage the engagement of Internet users (registration, newsletter subscription…).

10/ Proofreader

Today, search engines are more and more demanding regarding the quality of content. Mistakes are therefore a handicap for the referencing of Internet sites. In this context, the job of corrector is promising in the long run.

11/ Translator

So far, web applications remain unconvincing in terms of translation. The human translators Therefore, it is essential for web pages wishing to offer a choice of lange. In addition, they can easily working as a freelancer thanks to the many dedicated platforms.

12/ Professor

There are currently many specialized sites that allow you to give private lessons to students of all levels. For an active or retired teacher, these services help to generate additional income or to make ends meet.

13/ Data entry operator

This professional is generally responsible for enter manuscripts on the Web or a database. The data entry operator may also file archives or search and sort customer contact information on the Internet. In both cases, he/she must master the keyboard and office software.

14/ Influencer

The influencer impresses or displeases by the way it gain time’money on the Internet. In any case, it does not leave anyone indifferent. It is precisely thegoal of influencer marketing provoke the reaction and then the engagement of the public.

However, this business requires a high level of notoriety on social networks.

15/ Podcaster

15/ PDA

The Podcaster looks like a Youtuber, but without the video. He can deal with various subjects that are close to his heart, such as ESG funds, Design Thinking, etc. That said, this content producer must respect an editorial line to succeed in making money on the Internet.

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