Chatbots great revolution in the marketing of the element despised by consumers

Chatbots: the big revolution in marketing’It seemed, to strategy makers, to be the element that consumers despised

In recent times, as the’artificial intelligence As new technologies became more sophisticated, they began to play an important role in current and future marketing strategy. Strategy managers were betting on them to connect with consumers and create new opportunities, but also to reach them in some of the areas that, for one reason or another, they currently struggle with. Technology would become the solution to all their problems and needs.

Chatbots will revolutionize marketing

In this list, chatbots have entered. The solution, a chatbot tool that uses the Internet to communicate’In this list, chatbots have entered the fray unhappily, writing the use of artificial intelligence to manage conversations with consumers, was a potential solution to many of the problems and needs of customer service. They are available every day of the week and every day of the week’year, without vacations and without days off, and can work all the hours needed.

At the same time, they are not angry and are always nice to their consumers. It seemed, to the strategy makers, that the’perfect equation.

But this is not’It may not be the case. A recent study by Forrester shows that no matter how many trendy chatbots wake up, consumers don’t like them at all.

Consumers reject chatbots

According to their findings, consumers do not have the same level of confidence in the product’They don’t like chatbots. ” C’is unhappy, writes the’s analysts’company on the blog of the’s business, because the’s use’a chatbot for customer service can be incredibly effective when’it is well done. Chatbots have, in their success stories, effects on reducing the volume of interactions, reducing costs and increasing the efficiency of marketing’increase consumer satisfaction.

However, these success stories have a lot of work behind them and are not simply the’put a chatbot and magically solve your problems’. In fact, they don’t profile well what the chatbot will do and how it ends up generating very inefficient conversations and frustrating consumers. C’is the kind of’activity that makes consumers frustrated and unwilling to have anything to do with chatbots.

L’appreciation of the work of chatbots is low: 54% of consumers, according to a U.S. sample, believe that the’interaction with the’a d’they will have a negative impact on their quality of life. As they the’The solution, a chatbot that uses the Internet, is explained in the’analysis, consumers s’They already expect the worst from the start when they put a chatbot in place and solve problems magically’they will deal with a chatbot.

These expectations s’These success stories are partly explained by the fact that they are not the only ones’experience that’they have acquired until’Now when it comes to chatbots. According to data from the’study, for the’At the moment, they are not’They have not found any chatbot that has made a good impression on them. In d’In other words, they didn’t want to be a part of it’Never had to talk to a chatbot that did things right.

A good strategy is essential

Does this mean you have to throw away the’sponge on the chatbots’ terrain ? It is not’It is not what the customer wants’analysis recommends. After all, the potential of chatbots is very high and very powerful. Maybe the key is in the balance.

You have to start with more basic interactions before throwing the consumer in front of chatbots in more complicated procedures and, most importantly, you have to think carefully about how things are done.

We could therefore underline that’they do not expect the worst from the start’It’s not just about using chatbots’a question of technology or marketing’using the best tools. It is’It is also important to know how these solutions work’to the public and to the’educate for’the client can better communicate with him.

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