How to send an anonymous SMS

How to send an anonymous SMS

When you send a text message, the phone number appears automatically. However, for many reasons, some people want to send an anonymous text message. In this way, their number is not affected’does not appear to the recipient. How to send an anonymous sms ?

Is it possible to’send a hidden number sms ?

With new technologies, it would seem complicated to’send an sms while hiding your phone number. However, thanks to these so-called technologies, it is possible to It’s entirely possible to get the most out of a PC’send an anonymous sms. You have various tools and channels to do this: computer or smartphone, search sites, etc’anonymous sms sending, Android or iOs mobile applications.

How to send a hidden sms from a computer ?

How to send a hidden sms from a computer?

To send an anonymous sms with a computer, you have two options: the websites of the Internet and the mobile phone’anonymous sms and the mailbox.

Use an anonymous sms site’sending anonymous sms

To send an anonymous sms from a computer, you can go to a specialized site like Generally, these sites are not free but sometimes you have to pay 1 free sms per day. Otherwise, free sites allow you to use a mobile application’send an sms but with a character limit. The recipient of the anonymous message will receive your sms without any number displayed. Some sites offer automatic signatures and you must choose from a list of names.

In addition, you will sometimes have to fill in your personal data in order to find you in case of fraud. In addition, no’Remember that you can be found thanks to your IP address. So be careful about the message you send.

Go through a mailbox

The second solution to send an anonymous sms with a computer is the mailbox. Simply create a new mailbox to keep your identity secret. Of course, you should not reveal your real name.

Then, it is necessary to’identify the’your recipient’s mobile operator. To do this, go to the Wikipedia page which lists the prefixes of the operators. You don’t have to’have more than’to send your sms to the’address : recipient’s phone [email protected] (for example: [email protected]).

Don’t put any’object, write your message and send. Since the procedure to follow may vary depending on the different messaging services, you can consult a tutorial on Youtube.

How to send an anonymous sms from an iPhone ?

How to send an anonymous sms from an iPhone?

Apple smartphones are special so if you are on iOs, the process will be different because not all mobile applications are compatible.

Use a mobile application (iOs)

For send an anonymous sms from an iPhone, you must download a dedicated application like AnonyText or These are compatible with the iOs system. L’sending anonymous sms is done in the same way as on websites.

L’The mobile application will generate a fake phone number to allow you to send an anonymous text message’send an sms without revealing your identity. You just need to download the’application from the’AppStore and follow the instructions.

How to send an anonymous sms from an Android phone ?

How to send an anonymous sms from an Android phone?

With an Android smartphone, the protocol is similar to that of the iPhone. The only solution to send an anonymous sms is to use a mobile application like Text + or Pinger.

Use a mobile application (Android)

On Android, there are two systems. The first one is to hide your phone number and the second n’You don’t need the’use. In the first case, the’In addition, no app hides your phone number once you’re on the phone’it is installed. You can therefore write your sms from your smartphone, normally and your number will remain hidden. The second option is, as with the first, to use a mobile phone’iPhone, to go through the internet and write your message from the computer’application.

To find this type of information’app, go to the GooglePlayStore. Some of them are free and then offer to hide your phone number’buy credits and send sms from your iPhone’others are directly paying and generally more reliable.

How to write an anonymous sms ?

How to write an anonymous sms ?

The purpose of the anonymous sms is keep your identity secret. Therefore, your recipient should not be able to unmask you. Thus, you have to avoid false steps that could betray you.

For example, don’t mention a common memory that will put the chip on your shoulder’ear to your recipient. In addition, avoid :

  • mention dates, figures or key facts
  • call your recipient by their nickname
  • talk about’friends in common

In addition, keep a neutral tone because it is sometimes easy to recognize a person by their style of communication’write, write, write’all the more so if it’is a person close to me.

Finally, don’t’do not send anonymous text messages to hurt, insult, defame or harass someone. Your text messages are anonymous to the recipient, but the law enforcement agencies are not’order can easily be made You only need to track yourself through your IP address. Remember that telephone harassment exposes you to 1 year of imprisonment and 15,000 euros in fines’fine.

Now you have all the keys in hand to send an anonymous, but friendly text message, whether it is with a computer or a smartphone. You only need to’Internet connection !

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