How to activate notifications on snapchat the modern geek

How to activate notifications on snapchat ?

Notifications are essential for vonditional snapchat. Indeed, they allow you to constantly follow the latest news from the network (photos, videos, stories, cats, etc.). This watch is also crucial, if you want to keep a long snapstreak or pink hearts.

Thanks to notifications, you will not need to continuously monitor your profile to be a diligent snapchatter.

How to receive snapchat notifications ?

The lack of notification is particularly problematic on Snapchat, due to the importance of the relationships followed on the platform. Moreover, the social network has set up different features for Encourage regular exchanges between its members. If you snap less often with a friend, you may in particular lose the emoji next to his name in Snapchat.

Fortunately, you can easily activate network notifications from the application or phone settings. App settings allow alerts to be received, when the program is open. Conversely, you will always benefit from this watch system, if you activate the notifications of your phone. The functionality is indeed independent of the main application process.

How to activate all notifications in Snapchat ?

In the Snapchat application, you have the possibility of Choose between complete or specific notifications. You will be able to select the most useful alerts, with regard to your habits and your objectives on the platform. That said, all notifications make it possible to fully benefit from the contents of the social network. To activate all alert messages:

  • Visit the Snapchat application page;
  • Tap the avatar or the default profile icon, in the upper left corner of the screen;
  • On the profile page, press the notched wheel, at the top right;
  • Click on the notifications section of the my account section;
  • Touch Activate notifications.

The notifications are already activated, if you see a box checked in green to the right of the option. In this case, you will have a list of all the activated notifications, under the main line. All notifications are, on the other hand, deactivated if you do not notice any green checkout near the services mentioned.

You will then have to press the Activate notifications line, to get all application alerts.

How to activate specific notifications ?

If you only need certain notifications, the first steps are identical to activating all alerts. It will be necessary to go through the profile page, the parameters, the my account section and the notifications section. At this point, you must check the green checkout near the Activate notifications option. This first line allows indeedAccess the list of available alerts. Then you can activate or deactivate the notifications for:

  • Your friends’ stories;
  • Friends’ suggestions;
  • The mentions (identifications in snaps);
  • Memories;
  • Your friends’ birthdays;
  • Reminders of messages received;
  • Creative effects.

In this list, you also have the opportunity to choose the type of alert used by app notifications. You can, for example, favor ringtone, vibrations or light signals. It is notably possible to ensure that the screen lights up after receiving a snapchat notification.

How to activate specific notifications?

Can you select the notifications of stories ?

Given their popularity on Snapchat, the Stories have a full -fledged section for the Notifications adjustment. You can also choose to be informed of the latest stories of certain profiles. In addition, this feature may concern your friends or public accounts of celebrities, artists, news sites … You must just go to the notifications of notifications.

In order to arrive on this page, you need to follow the path traveled to activate all the notifications of Snapchat. You will therefore have to go through the reception, profile, parameters, then notifications. Once in this part:

  • Scroll to the bottom to the stories section that I am;
  • Click Manage Story notifications;
  • Choose the profiles that interest you to receive notifications from the publication of their stories;
  • Each account chosen will then appear in the selected part.
  • Validate the operation by touching the Done button.

For Cancel these notifications, You just have to return to the same page and uncheck the box near the selected profiles. You can also take advantage of this opportunity to activate stories notifications of other accounts. In any case, it is important to familiarize yourself with this approach.

You will be able to follow your favorite accounts while avoiding bulky alerts.

How to allow snapchat notifications on a phone ?

Snapchat needs specific authorizations to send notifications on a smartphone. You must therefore allow the application to send alerts to continuously monitor activities on the social network. To allow notifications on an iPhone:

  • Tap the gear icon to launch the Settings application;
  • Scrolle to Snapchat, then press the name of the app;
  • Press the notifications option;
  • Click on the Authorize notifications button to activate it;
  • In the choice of delivery of the notification, select immediate delivery;
  • Do not forget to activate the function for banners, notification center and the lock screen.

The procedure is close enough to allow notifications on a smartphone or an Android tablet. To do this :

  • Launch the Settings app, from the reception interface or the drawer at the top of the screen;
  • Touch the notifications section;
  • Scroller down to the Snapchat line, then click on it:
  • Activate Notifications Authorize.

In both cases, your phone should no longer block notifications from snapchat. This is one of the first causes preventing you from being aware of the latest news from the network. In addition, you should receive alerts, regardless of the opening of the application window.

How to allow snapchat notifications on a phone?

Why you don’t receive snapchat notifications ?

I’lack of notifications Generally comes from the fact that the functionality is not yet activated. Thus, you must initially start this service in the application. It is also necessary to verify the various authorizations granted to the application in the phone settings.

In the event of restrictions, the social network will send alerts which will ultimately be blocked by the system.

If notifications are activated in the application and the phone, the blocking can also come from certain modes, such as not disturbing. That said, the problem is often caused by the energy saving mode. This functionality deactivates all processes likely to increase energy consumption.

As a result, notifications are among the first services disabled by the phone.

If you use an iPhone, it can sometimes be an updating problem in the background of the program. To remedy :

  • Launch the Settings Application;
  • Select General;
  • Click on updating the application in the background;
  • Scroll the screen to the Snapchat line;
  • Check that the rocking is in active position (to the right).

If updating in the background is disabled, Snapchat will not be able to generate notifications, Even if the functionality is activated and authorized. It is therefore important to take this factor into account on an iPhone. Also remember to empty the application cache to erase any previous settings blocking the notifications.

As a last resort, uninstall, then reinstall snapchat on your device. Also update your system and safety applications.

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