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The Expertcyber label: that What is it East ?

THE Expertcyber label is a guarantor of the expertise of professionals working in the field of digital security. In particular, it improves the readability of the services offered to victims and potential targets of cyber attacks. Indeed, certification proves the quality of the support and the service of cybersecurity experts.

It also takes into account the level of transparency of the company.

What is the expert label ?

The Expertcyber label is a certification assigned by the State to companies such as Axido, specialized in IT and digital security. It guarantees the expertise and transparency of the service provider in customer assistance. The company therefore constitutes a confidence interlocutor in the case of cyber attack.

This indication is really important for structures undergoing or fearing cybernetic attacks.

Through this label, the state wishes Protect the audience from cyberrencies and enhance the expertise of digital security professionals. Certification was thus designed by cybermalvence.gouv.en in collaboration with:

  • AFNOR (French normalization association);
  • The FFA (French Insurance Federation);
  • The main unions of professionals in the sector (digital cinov, EBEN and Syntec digital federation).

The digital security label covers, among other things, professional information systems (servers, computer fleet, software, messaging, etc.). It also concerns websites and business telephone servers. On the other hand, labeling is accessible to any computer service provider:

  • Demonstrating digital security expertise;
  • Targeting professional customers;
  • Offering installation, assistance and maintenance services;
  • Showing transparency in the context of its activity.

For be labeled, Applicants must answer a questionnaire and provide all the supporting documents relating to their qualifications. AFNOR then performs an audit before issuing certification.

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Use a service provider labeled Expertcyber: it changes what ?

The Expertcyber label allows professionals looking for reliable computer security providers effectively in terms of computer security. It guarantees that the company considered:

  • Has real digital security expertise;
  • Provides quality advice to avoid other cybermalvence acts and strengthen the security of customer computer infrastructure;
  • Respects the standards in force (data processing according to the GDPR, activity in accordance with the legislative framework, use of regulatory solutions, etc.);
  • Work in the general interest (monitoring of incidents, feedback with the competent authorities, conservation of digital evidence, etc.).

It is however important to distinguish the Professionals Labeled Expertcyber and the actors referenced on cybermalveillance.gouv.Fr. In details, these are characterized by:

  • Eligibility based only on the quality of assistance after an incident (hacking act, cyber attack, data theft, etc.);
  • A clientele made up of individuals and legal persons (company, ETI, SMEs, community, association, etc.);
  • Skills based on self-declaration;
  • A valid status for a fixed period.

For their part, the labeled companies offer a quality service before and after the incidents. This upstream intervention is particularly important to limit digital security flaws and prevent cyberrencies. The label is also renewed every 2 years.

Thus, it relies on a recent evaluation and confirms the expertise of the current team.

How to protect yourself from cyber attacks ?

Professionals can protect themselves from cyber attacks by using a Service Provider with the Expertcyber label. advises to favor these experts to effectively protect themselves from cyber risks. The recommendation is aimed in particular at companies, communities and associations.

These are indeed the structures most exposed to threats.

As part of the recovery plan, the government organization has also insisted on the importance of working with labeled actors. These cybersecurity experts make it possible to properly anticipate and manage any attacks. In addition, they offer a service encompassing all digital installations, including telephony, information systems (SI) and related services. The intervention can concretely include:

  • Updating operating systems and strategic software;
  • Adjustment of applications offering automatic updates;
  • The application of fixes on complex programs and architectures;
  • Analysis, configuration and reconfiguration of the SI security system, if necessary;
  • The recommendation or integration of additional safety devices;
  • The training of cybersecurity personnel.

It should be remembered that users generally represent the main IT network security flaws. Thus, hackers often take advantage of weak passwords and distracted Internet users to enter a SI SI. It is enough even one infected attachment to compromise all the IT infrastructure of a company.

Awareness is therefore crucial in cybersecurity.

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