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Remote monitoring, how it works ?

In France, the rate of attempted failures is very low’The number of break-ins continues to grow’increase. In a home or in a professional place, it becomes more and more necessary to have a remote surveillance system’to have a safe and efficient security system.

As an owner of a’It is clearly impossible for a user to access the system’to be omnipresent. Use remote monitoring to protect your space remotely’is therefore a very interesting solution. We tell you more about this protection system.

Remote surveillance: what is it?’does it act ?

Many users are not informed enough about the difference between video surveillance and remote monitoring. Even if the’The installation of these two security systems requires the installation of a security system’Although it is not possible to use common equipment, remote surveillance is in fact a much more complete service.

Indeed, remote monitoring is a way to save your data professional solution which allows to monitoring and’be alerted in time in order to protect you’a rapid intervention. Monitoring is handled entirely by a private service provider such as verisure, which specializes in this field. C’It is from a control center and thanks to an internet connection that this team keeps an eye 24 hours / 24 hours and 7 days / 7 on the premises of your company.

How does remote monitoring work in a company? ?

After having taken knowledge of the place to be monitored, your security agency The service provider will determine and propose you accordingly a protection strategy. L’The installation of the equipment will be done by the same company. C’is the proof that remote monitoring is a complete service.

The images, photos and recordings are stored on a secure server, which makes it a very interesting solution. In agreement with the customer, the’In France, the rate of attempted rapid intervention is among the highest in the world’intervention on the premises in case of breakdown’intrusion.

What are the advantages ?

remote monitoring in company

One of the highest rates in the world You can also take out various types of insurance for your mobile devices and computer installations, Remote surveillance seduces more and more private individuals and business owners by its numerous advantages.

L’installation’The advantages of this type of system are quite simple, as it is not necessary to use a remote monitoring system’It is not to the’It is clearly impossible for a user to be omnipresent’s responsibility to take care of it. Once the cameras are up and running, it is up to the service provider to take care of them’to occupy the’maintenance and the maintenance of the’equipment.

Aside from these parameters, the cost of’remote monitoring is ultimately more economical, because it is more efficient’This is where you need to be protected’a monthly subscription and not of’a team of employees. In addition, beyond dissuading burglaries and attempts to steal the ballot, the Internet voting is a secure method of communication’intrusion, this means of security allows to benefit from’a faster intervention of the fire department in the event of an emergency’fire alarm.

For companies, it allows to’It can be used as evidence if necessary after the event examination of the recordings. Also, you have the possibility to choose yourself the device that suits your space.

Remote monitoring and’connected alarm

L’connected alarm is essential for a successful remote monitoring. With each alert, a secure communication s’The electronic vote is automatically established with the security agents of the control center.

C’It is thanks to specific functionalities sometimes integrated that the’connected alarm goes off. It is advisable to ask for more details from your vendor before the installation’purchase.

Human remote surveillance remains the best means of protection. It is necessary to remember that this kind of surveillance is ideal for companies, that’whether they are small or large.

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